Stephen Talkhouse Backline & Sound Systems
Guitar Amps:2 Roland JC 120's
1 Blackface Fender Twin
1 Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 1x12
1 Marshall 900 with cabinet
Keyboards:1 Korg 88 key weighted sampling Key board with MiDi-- will support split key functions.
1 Korg Trinity Pro (77 Key)
1 Yamaha Motif ES 6
1 single stand 1 2 tier stand
Drums:GMS, Maple Shell, CL Kit
Kick: 22" X 18"
Snare: 14" X 5.5"
Toms: 10x8, 12x9, 14x14, 16x14
Hi-hat, multiple stands, throne
Cymbals - hats and assorted others
Bass Amps: 1 GK RB 400 Head
1 SVT - 3 Pro Head
1 SVT 8X10 cabinet
Processing and FX: 4 Gates, 16 comps, 1 Lexicon Multi Effects Processor, 1 SPX 990, Alesis Microverb, D-Two Delay
Monitor Console: SPIRIT MONITOR 40
8 mono, 2 stereo/mono sends.

MONITOR MIXES: 5 biamp mixes and 6 wedges -all Radian Apex 1500 coaxial boxes.
1 biamp drum fill 2 l5" w/2" Horns
FOH SPEAKERS: Smith Audio 1230 3-way 12", 8" mid, 2" - 1" throat passive design. 2 per side.
SUBS: Smith Audio M-118 18" 1250 watts RMS- 1 per side
SUBS: QSC- PL-380 1500 watt per side
MONITORS: Bi-amped with Crown & Crest Audio
MICS:Usual collection of 58'S, 57'S, Beta 52, SM88 (2)
Beta 57, Audix Percussion D1,2 and 4 plus condensers, D-6, BETA 82,
Audix OM5 (6)
The stage is 14X 24. The height is 8 foot. Stage height 18". The monitor desk is stage right. Dressing room is stage left upstairs. Load in can be done from the front straight to the stage or from the rear of the club. We can (and often do) accommodate tour buses, but they must park in back of the club. The police are quite vigilant about parking enforcement. Please let us know if you are towing a trailer.

Lights are very straight forward LES'S with only about 12 instruments and a 2 scene board.

Please direct any tech questiosn to Mike Mazzaraco at the club 631-267-3117, or 631-252-7170 cell.
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