Nancy Atlas is the missing link between Lucinda Williams and Sheryl Crow. Original Americana Rock with a touch of Southern Comfort. She walks the line between swaggering rock chick and thread bare poet, garnering her a legion of die hard fans and in house respect.

Atlas was born with gypsy blood... in Commack, Long Island. After a successful spell at public school she continued her education by studying art and art history abroad at Cambridge University and Richmond College in Florence Italy. Three months before graduating early, Nancy bought a guitar down on London's famous Portobello Road for sixty quid and never looked back. In the past 14 years she has produced four albums under her own label, Neptuna Records, amassed a staggering posse of fans and received over 4 million hits on her website, Known for her raw live performances and stellar songwriting, Atlas and her band of journeymen have been able to sustain several grass root tours across the US, sell thousands of CD's and have opened for just about everyone under the sun!

Nancy has spent every summer of her life on the East End of Long Island. It is where she calls home with her son Cashus Lee, her husband Tomas and her van Large Marge. Her Plum Tv television show, East End Legends,is a tip of the hat to the real 'celebrities' of this region. Her show highlights everyday people that have a true passion for what they do. The show has gained a cult like following and been airing since 2005. Nancy's own personal flavor seems to connect to a very broad base. It is summed up best by Tim Donnelly who wrote, "Nancy Atlas is the real deal. She's as authentic as a pair of well worn Levi's or a shot of Jack with a Bud Chaser. Never mind the fact she's a great singer (Dare we say a female Bruce?) & an inspiring songwriter (there's always room on the island for one more great songwriter, right?). She was our shining beacon on the Hamptons Documentary, where she told it like it was, not the way it was portrayed to be. Nancy Atlas loves her backyard, her art and all things simple. She is no bullshit. She is a patriot." Amen.

Nancy has also been the Spokesperson for Winn-Dixie, a southern grocery chain down South. Mr.s Atlas came on board via On Ideas Advertising and Bang Music in NYC. In the last 10 months Winn-Dixie has emerged from bankrupcy with thier stock has almost tripled.

In addition, when her song "Love is Suicide" was aired on Guiding Light the veiwer response was so overwhelming that the song got a write up in Soap Opera Weekly!

no demos currently online..
Fri. Mar 21
Nancy Atlas "Full Band Original Showcase"

Gen Admin: $15

Sat. Apr 19
Nancy Atlas Project- Annual Nancy/Johnny Bday Bash
Our Annual Nancy/Johnny Birthday Bash. We love this show and hopefully so will you. There always seems to be a cake and some silly string involved aside from kick ass music.
Gen Admin: $15

Sat. May 17

Gen Admin: $15

Fri. May 23
Nancy Atlas Project

Gen Admin: $30

Fri. Jun 13
The Bonfire Session w/ Nancy Atlas & Friends

Gen Admin: $30

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